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Company’s Features

The Beton Alwattania Group company was and still be the pioneer in the field of developing the industry of ready made concreter based on present and future requirements of this important material in addition to the development of professional technical staff and cadre  in this field.
The company owns 3 branches for the production of ready made concrete which cover all areas of Aleppo city.
The Beton Alwattania Group was the first company in Syria which had the international quality certificate (ISO9001:2008).

Also it had the adequate experience which qualified it to implement the most important strategic projects such as dams– hotels– trading complexes– hospitals– industrial facilities– housing projects and others

The most important features of the company are:
* accuracy in quantities.
* insuring to meet the required strength at whatever value.
* permanent and reliable lab control.
* conformity with cement rates specified in design.
* conformity with w/c ratios.
* conformity with nest gradient of aggregates to achieve best operating and sealing conditions.
* insurance of aggregate grain quality (corrosion – equivalence).
* possibility to implement mixtures additives for far sites concerting and at extreme temperatures  and to provide improved operating conditions.
* quick work implementation whatever is the required quantity and reduce wastes and losses .
* conformity with time schedules .
* concreting without pumping or with pumps at required heights (up to 56 meters) using modern and up to date pumps and machines.
* the company owns the largest possible number of concrete mixers, pumps and mixing equipment in Aleppo city.