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Our Vision and Message

we the team of employees at the Beton Alwattania Group we have a special vision for our company to be always the best in Syria in the field of supplying the ready made concrete.

It’s not enough for us to be viewed as just an excellent  company, but we want to be unique by offering the innovation and to develop our selves permanently in the field of ready made concrete industry to attain the highest quality levels (Six Sigma), at proper price and on right time and place.

We are as leaders of concrete market in Aleppo city, believe that our basic assets through our sales to the construction sector and our message will define our duty in protecting these assets by using high quality raw materials and modern technology compatible with the environment and the professional human resources for supplying  high performance products and  quality typical services in a comfortable working environment charged with high morals of the working team in addition to  exceptional values for our contributors.


 to be distinct in performance and service quality  and walking ahead  towards the sustainable development and commitment with national goals such as investing and providing job  opportunities to eliminate the unemployment in order to economically develop Syria.
The top  management: it represents the persuasion and the support the team work, implanting and firming the concepts of comprehensive quality culture.
The human resources: focusing on the intellectual capital which is the most precious asset of the institutions and spreading the comprehensive quality culture.
The client (customer): we don’t suffice  with customer satisfaction but we exceed his expectations and be distinct in serving him.
The product: we implement projects at highest technological and quality  level.