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Quality Control System

At the Beton Alwattania Group, we know that concrete is the most important material used in construction projects because concrete can be formed in any shape to properly suite the concreting site.
Concrete is used in many constructional projects such as buildings, roads, bridges, dams and tower projects… etc
Also concrete is a sensitive material which is influenced by several factors including: used raw materials, mixing method, transportation, ripening. These factors will affect the soft and solid state of the concrete.
The quality management system relies on several basic principles , and the most of important of these are:
1 - Selection of raw materials
2 - Design mixtures
3 - Special mixtures
4 - Internal tests
5 - Customer interviewing
6 - Research and development

Quality control policy
Our goal in the company is to maintain a quality product which meets the demand of customers. We take care that the product will be in conformity with specifications and better than required.
The technical directorate in the company tries to be at high efficiency and to follow up what is new in the world of concrete, as a part of  company’s quality commitment duty, where the company had the quality  management certificate 2008:9001 for its various activities such as design, production and distribution of concrete
A movable lab was established to be a connection link between the factory and the projects and through it the customers opinions and remarks  are taken about the supplied product and to correct any fault as soon as possible
A number of  the following basic tests are performed on random samples to get an integrated solutions  of the product and these basic tests are:
1 - Sagging test  
2 - Temperature
3 - Soft concrete density
4 - Rate of air voids


Saving the environment:
The marinating and saving the environment cleanliness which is provided by the ready made concrete  compared with traditional on site mixing is a national duty and this what the company cares about always in all production stage