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We thank you for choosing our company. Willing to know more about customers' usual requests and demands, and seeking their satisfaction, we ask you to answer the following survey:

1 - What is your evaluation of our concrete products?

Not Good


2 - While we were serving you, have you come across any of the following? Please specify:

Change in price Change in mixture type or ingredients Change in the amount of bulking
Bad bulking Change in dates and deadlines Bad continuation or interruption occurrence
Unanswered calls Delay in request responding    

3 - What do you think of the company in terms of commitment to dates and deadlines?

Most orders arrive on time.

Most orders are delayed within an hour.

Some orders are delayed more than one hour

Always accurate

4 - What do you think of our promotion and advertisement policy?

Weak Fair


5 - What were the things that made you choose to do business with us?

Good intercourse

Good prices

Product quality

Quickness of compliance

Owning multiple molders

Good reputation in the market

Holding the ISO international certification


6 - What are your expectations of the projects to be casted in 2019

Less than 1000 m3

Between 1000 to 5000 m3

Between 5000 to 10000 m3

Between 10000 to 20000 m3

Between 20000 to 50000 m3

More than 50000 m3

7 - In your opinion, what are the needed developments regarding to production and services? Do you have any notes or suggestions you would like share with us?

8 - What do you think of this survey and the idea of consulting customers?


Very Needed

Useless and uncalled for

Could feed misleading opinions

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